Decisions made by the commercial operator can also contribute to the likelihood of jackknife truck accidents. Aggressive maneuvers including tailgating, speeding, or any other need to stop suddenly can cause a jackknife truck accident if a truck’s brakes are already lacking. When imbalanced truck brakes are applied forcefully, it is likely that the driver will lose control. Simply keeping brakes in good repair is essential to avoiding jack-knife truck accidents.truck accident lawyers

Empty Trailers and Light Loads Lead to Jack-Knife Truck Accidents

Contrary to what many people assume, lightly-loaded commercial vehicles are more likely to have a jackknife truck accident than are tractor trailers that are hauling heavy loads. Without a load to weigh it down, an empty trailer may skid when brakes are applied suddenly. In particular, having imbalanced brakes – those where the brakes on the truck’s cab are strong while the trailer’s brakes are inadequate – puts a truck at risk for causing a jack-knife truck accident. If only the cab stops, the trailer has nowhere to go and is likely to jackknife. Continuing to move forward, the trailer pivots at the king pin and rotates into other lanes of traffic. In order to understand the underlying causes of a jackknife truck accident, our lawyers investigate how the truck was loaded. It is important to contact a jackknife truck accident lawyer quickly in order to get this type of information.

Weather Conditions Contribute to Jack-Knife Truck Accidents

Poor weather conditions may also be contributing factors in jackknife truck accidents. Wet or icy roads may exacerbate other risk factors for jack-knife truck accidents. Attempting to accelerate on a low-friction road surface is especially risky, particularly when a truck is pulling an empty or light trailer. In situations when the roads were wet or icy, lawyers representing the trucking company in a jack-knife truck accident case may attempt to settle the case before other factors can be examined. Our team of experienced jack-knife truck accident lawyers endeavors to research all possible contributing factors of jack-knife truck accidents, such as aggressive driving or bad brakes. Commercial operators must always take weather conditions into account when choosing their speed.

Double Trailer Jack-Knife Truck Accidents

Semi trucks towing double trailers are even more at risk for causing jackknife truck accidents. Their extra length and weight makes double trailer trucks more unwieldy, leaving more room for error on the road. A jack-knife truck accident including a truck towing an extra trailer may have been prevented if the second trailer had not been present. The effects of a quick turn, swerve, acceleration on slippery roads or braking will be exacerbated by a second trailer. Some trucking companies opt to have drivers tow multiple trailers in an effort to carry more on each trip and thereby increase profits. When a jack-knife truck accident takes place with a commercial vehicle pulling two trailers, the trucking company may be investigated adherence to industry safety standards.semi truck accident attorneys

Jack-Knife Truck Accident Circumstances are Avoidable

Commercial truck drivers must have a commercial driver’s license, showing they have shown competence in the safe operation and necessary maintenance of their vehicle. Unlike operating a passenger car, commercial driving is a profession. 18-wheel trucks are certainly more complex and dangerous to operate, but commercial drivers have the necessary training to avoid accidents. Jack-knife truck accidents can usually be traced to a combination of circumstances: for example, a truck that lacks adequate brakes may cause a jackknife truck accident when it is forced to stop suddenly in an emergency. Our jackknife truck accident lawyers stand by a belief that trucking companies have a responsibility to ensure their drivers are professional and law-abiding and that their trucks are safe and in good repair.

Why Jack-Knife Truck Accident Victims Need an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucking company lawyers vigorously defend their jack-knife truck accidents, seeking to pay out as little as possible to injured victims. It is imperative that you have the best jack-knife truck accident lawyers to protect your legal rights.

In the wake of a trucking accident, you will likely hear from the insurance companies, attempting to settle quickly before you have a chance to find the right representation. Rather than handle the issue on your own, you deserve to have a trucking accident lawyer who has a proven track record and will fight to win the compensation you deserve. If you choose to work with our firm, our attorneys will work tirelessly to achieve your just outcome, representing your personal needs as well as pressing for stricter enforcement of safety regulations. Your civil court case may influence regulations and help save lives in the future.

Types of Trucks That May Cause Jack-knife Accidents:

Semi Trucks – Jack-knife truck accidents with semi trucks are likely to cause huge pileups with multiple injuries or fatalities.
Delivery Trucks – Jack-knife truck accidents can take place when large delivery trucks are improperly loaded.
Garbage Trucks – Jack knife truck accidents involving garbage trucks are likely to cause serious injuries to motorists involved.
Fire Trucks – Long fire trucks can also be prone to jack-knife truck accidents.
Cement Trucks – Jack-knife truck accidents that occur with cement trucks result in permanent injuries to the passengers of smaller vehicles that are hit or that swerve to avoid a collision.
Dump Trucks – Dump trucks, which are huge and hard to maneuver, may not be able to swerve quickly enough to avoid a jack-knife truck accident.
Refrigerator Trucks – Large refrigerated trucks can cause jack-knife truck accidents if their loads are imbalanced.
Tanker Trucks – Fire and even explosions may result from a jack-knife truck accident with a tanker truck carrying flammable materials.
Coal-Carrying Dump Trucks – When a huge coal-carrying dump truck becomes involved in a jack-knife truck accident the motorists in nearby small cars are at grave risk.
Landscaping Trucks and Lawn Care Trucks – Inexperienced landscaping and lawn care truck drivers may cause jack-knife truck accidents when they pull a long trailer.

Our Law Firm’s Truck Accident Lawyers handle jackknife truck accident cases ranging from local delivery trucks to long-haul semi trucks throughout the entire state. Our attorneys handling jackknife truck accident cases understand the trucking industry, what causes truck accidents to happen and how to manage your truck accident lawsuit in the best possible way.

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